Psychobook- Our first companion site!

The esteemed American author Steven Heller recently wrote an interesting piece inspired by our forthcoming Autumn title Psychobook

Psychobook is part comedy, part history, part self‐help, and part coffee‐table objet d’art. It’s part sincere, part tongue‐in‐cheek, part meditation, part mockery, but its production is universally beautiful, its sensibility universally droll.

—Taken from the introduction by Lionel Shriver

Psychobook is a revelatory new publictaion. A compendium of both original psychological tests and newly invented questionnaires by non-psychologist writers. Subversive, provocative, visually stunning, it will provide you with hours of fun!

And if you can't wait until the book comes out in September, fear not, we have launched our very first companion site! 

Bursting with re-mastered versions of original psychological tests and questionnaires, games and much more!

A platform created by outsiders, was simply designed to open your mind and provide you with hours of fun. There you'll find a wealth of fascinating and revealing psychological tests to develop your emotional intelligence and open your mind.

What are you waiting for? 

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