The Complete Back Catalogue

This is a complete list of every title published by Redstone Press. Any title that is still in print can be ordered from our shop. Click here for the current list.


2024: The Family Diary edited by Julian Rothenstein, with an introduction by Julian Barnes

Seeing Things edited by Julian Rothenstein, with an introduction by Cornelia Parker



The 2023 Diary: In Search of Beauty edited by Mel and Rhiannon Gooding

A GIFT: edited by Julian Rothenstein



The 2022 Diary: In Another World edited by Julian Rothenstein and Ian Sansom

The Book of Emotions edited by Edgar Gerrard Hughes


The 2021 Diary of Everyday Pleasures edited by Julian Rothenstein and Ian Sansom



The 2020 Dreams of Europe Diary  edited by Julian Rothenstein and Ian Sansom

Black Lives edited by Julian Rothenstein



The Home Diary 2019 edited by Julian Rothenstein and Ian Sansom

Dear Howard by David Batterham

Communicado! by Lucien Rothenstein




A2Z+ Edited by Julian Rothenstein, published by Laurence King in association with Redstone Press

The Play Diary edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding



The 2017 Time Diary edited by Julian Rothenstein and Charles Boyle

The Blind Photographer edited by Julian Rothenstein with commentaries by Mel Gooding

Psychobook edited by Julian Rothenstein, introduced by Lionel Shriver 

Where am I? by Tatiana Glebova



The 2016 Therapeutic Diary edited by Julian Rothenstein and Charles Boyle 



The 2015 Simplicity Diary edited by Julian Rothenstein and Ian Sansom
Art Rules! (and how to break them) 
edited by Mel Gooding
Psycho Tests
 by Julian Rothenstein 




The Redstone 2014 Social Diary edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding
Inside the Rainbow edited by Julian Rothenstein and Olga Budashevskaya



The Redstone 2013 Language Diary edited by Julian Rothenstein and Will Hobson




The Redstone 2012 Diary of the Senses edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding
The Household Box: New ways to enjoy your home, relationships, family and life! by Will Hobson




The Redstone Diary 2011: The Artist's World edited by Julian Rothenstein andMel Gooding
The Redstone Inkblot Test

Alphabet 25 postcards

Mayakovsky 22 postcards




The Redstone Diary 2010: A Russian Diary edited by Mel Gooding

Red Book by David Shrigley 
Calaveras: Mexican Prints for the Day of the Dead 
22 large-format postcards edited by Julian Rothenstein




The Redstone Diary 2009: The Black and White Diary edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding
Grip by David Shrigley
Have a Nice Day! - How Modern Life Drives You Mad by Adam Dant
The Play Box edited by Julian Rothenstein
Psychogames edited by Mel Gooding and Julian Rothenstein




The City Diary 2008 edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding
Ants Have Sex in Your Beer by David Shrigley
Ants Have Sex in Your Beer: Special Edition by David Shrigley




Dr Clock's Handbook edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding; introduction by Andrey Kurkov 
The Redstone Diary 2007: Information edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding




The Book of Shrigley edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding 
The Book of Shrigley - Special Edition 
edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding
The Redstone Diary 2006 
edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding




The Psychological Diary 2005 edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding
The Psychobox 
edited by Mel Gooding
Rules postcard book
 by David Shrigley 
Kill Your Pets 
by David Shrigley
Let's Wrestle 
by David Shrigley




ABZ: More Alphabets and other Signs edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding
The Redstone Diary 2004: Music
Who I am and What I Want 
by David Shrigley
Yellow Bird With Worm 
by David Shrigley




The Redstone Diary 2003: Daring!
Human Achievement 
by Daivd Shrigley
Evil Thoughts: postcard book 
by David Shrigley
JOY: postcard book 
by David Shrigley




The Redstone Diary 2002: Colour
Redstone Matchbox No. 7: The Traveller's Box
Do Not Bend 
by David Shrigley




The Redstone Diary 2001: Odysseys and Other Journeys
Redstone Matchbox No.5: Cubanos Fosforus
Redstone Matchbox No.6: The Japan Box




The Redstone Diary 2000: Science
The Playful Eye

The Beast is Near




The Redstone Diary 1999: Messages to a Future
Redstone Matchbox No.3, Mexicana
Redstone Matchbox No.4, Light of India
Why We Got the Sack from the Museum 
by David Shrigley, introduced by Will Self




The Redstone Diary 1998: The Absurd
Redstone Matchbox No.1, Upside-down Heads
Redstone Matchbox No.2, Birds, Beasts and Butterflies



The Redstone Diary 1997: True Places





The Redstone Diary 1996: Lucky
The Russian Writers Drawing Book 
edited by Cathy Porter with the short story Ninochka by Anton Chekhov 
The Box of Tricks 
edited by Daniel Stashower with an essay by Heathcote Williams
Brazilian Popular Prints 
edited by Mark Dinneen




The Redstone Diary 1995: Drawings by Film Directors introduced by Stephen Frears 
The Paradox Box 
The Writers Drawing Book 
edited by Kate Pullinger and Julian Rothenstein




The Redstone Diary 1994: The Indian Diary
Kalighat: Indian Popular Painting 1800-1930 
with an essay by Balraj Khanna




The Redstone Diary 1993: Aztec
A Gambling Box 
edited by Kate Pullinger




The Redstone Diary 1992: Drawings by Writers
Alphabets and Other Signs 
edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding
Shiko Munakata: Woodcuts 
edited by Adam Lowe introduced by Waldemar Januszczak
Surrealist Games compiled 
by Alastair Brotchie, edited by Mel Gooding




The Redstone Diary 1991: Russian Futurist 
Mexico: The Day of the Dead
 edited by Chloë Sayer 
The Sun by Frans Masereel 
Alfred Wallis: Paintings from St Ives 
with an introduction by George Melly
Kazimir Malevich with the essay 'On New Systems in Art' 
edited by Mel Gooding




The Redstone Diary 1990: The Story without Words. Woodcuts by Frans Masereel
Images of Frida Kahlo 
introduced by Angela Carter 
Journey to Armenia 
by Osip Mandelstam translated by Clarence Brown and introduced by Bruce Chatwin
J.G.Posada: Messenger of Mortality 
with essays by Peter Wollen, Jean Charlot and Diego Rivera, published in association with The South Bank Centre 




The Redstone Diary 1989: The City
The Gap: drawings 
by Daniel Miller, story by Mathew Yorke 
Mexican Popular Prints edited 
by Julian Rothenstein, with a foreword by Eduardo Paolozzi
The City
 by Frans Masereel




Frans Masereel's Passionate Journey with an introduction by Thomas Mann 
Listen! Vladimir Mayakovsky, Early Poems 
translated by Maria Enzensberger



Story Without Words and The Idea by Frans Masereel 
Drawing Book 
by Michael Rothenstein