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"It's good to change. If the change brings about confusion, who cares? Confusion makes you think. And that's another good thing." Willie Nelson, It's a Long Story: My Life

PSYCHOBOOK will inform, entertain, delight and amaze you.

It is a spectacular revelation of a world long hidden from the popular eye. It brings to light a fascinating array of psychological tests and questionnaires all too often shrouded in professional secrecy. 

Psychobook presents famous tests, such as the Rorschach Inkblot Test and the Thematic Apperception Test, in new versions that beguile the eye, intrigue the mind and stretch the imagination.

Other tests are simply exposed to sceptical view. The verdict is yours! Some invite you to participate: who knows what you will discover?

Newly invented questionnaires by non-psychologist writers wittily undermine the assumptions of the professionals. Imaginative, ironic, sometimes disconcerting, they are provided with witty and thought-provoking keys to interpretation.

Psychobook is subversive, provocative, visually stunning. And fun. It will engage, surprise and delight all who open its pages.


Edited by Julian Rothenstein

With commentaries by Mel Gooding

Introduction by Lionel Shriver


ISBN:978-0-9928316-2-2 /  297mm x 210mm


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