The Blind Photographer at The Photographers' Gallery

Redstone are delighted to announce that Factum Arte has made an installation for the Touchstone Space based on an image from The Blind Photographer at The Photographers' Gallery from the 21st July- 11 October.

For more details visit The Photographers' Gallery website. 

The Blind Photographer will open your eyes. It is the first to explore the worldwide phenomenon of the blind and partially-sighted who take up photography in all its vibrancy and diversity and showcases brilliant work from Mexico, India, China, the UK and elsewhere.

With over 150 striking photographs, many accompanied by the photographers own words, we encounter the paradox that it is sight itself that seems sharpened by blindness.

"The best thing to do with stereotypes and pre-conceptions is to challenge them, and this book The Blind Photographer does just that. It breaks down barriers from both sides, and shows what can be achieved if you turn your back on the doubters and just follow your dreams. Visions are not seen purely by the eyes but through the spirit."  STEVIE WONDER