Play Box
Play Box Play Box Play Box Play Box Play Box Play Box Play Box Play Box Play Box Play Box

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“beautifully- produced and filled with nostalgic charm” Evening Standard

Nonsense, games, word play, puzzles and illusions

Turn off the television, unplug the computer, switch off your mobile – its PLAYTIME!

Has modern life got in the way of the vital spirit play? Do we know what to do with ourselves on a wet Sunday afternoon unless it’s downloaded, multi-player, user-friendly? THE PLAY BOX is a beautiful, original and thrilling compendium that recharges the imagination, makes the mind fizz, and puts adults and children alike back in touch with the essential spirit of play.

What’s in the box?

A magical Russian children’s book of hidden images from 1928, published here for the first time. A 40-page booklet with words games, nonsense poems and stories, 3 flick books, 6 hold-to-light images, 16 full-colour cards with puzzle pictures, tricks and illusions, and much more!

Edited by Julian Rothenstein

200mm x 145mm , boxed collection
ISBN 978 1 870003 10 0