Dr Clock's Handbook
Dr Clock's Handbook Dr Clock's Handbook Dr Clock's Handbook Dr Clock's Handbook Dr Clock's Handbook

ISBN 978 1 870003 39  / 235mm x 167mm / 168pp

Dr. Clock’s Handbook is the first definitive handbook to the absurd!

Contributors include J. G. Ballard, Glen Baxter, Joan Brossa, Maurizio Cattelan, Adam Dant, Damien Hirst, Franz Kafka, Daniil Kharms, Flann O’Brien, Cornelia Parker, Simon Patterson, Richard Prince, Ed Ruscha, David Shrigley and many others.

Introduction by Andrei Kurkov
Edited by Mel Gooding and Julian Rothenstein


“This latest from Redstone, which has specialised in gently subversive arts books for 20 years now, is both a visual treat and an entertaining bedside companion.”
Time Out

“….. a fantastic bargain being in every respect a lavish volume, hardback, full of beautiful full-colour illustrations. ….. here, too are the prose of Femando Pessoa, J.G.Ballard and Bertolt Brecht; the artefacts of Cornelia Parker, Damien Hirst and Marcel Duchamp; the graphics of Ed Ruscha, Pavel Büchler and Robert Filliou, as well as a host of other treats.”
Will Self, The New Statesman

“A delightfully subversive ragbag of Situationist tricks and pearls of madness. Pictorial mayhem abounds….”
World of Interiors

“Something purely absurd? I wont try to describe Dr Clock’s Handbook, but, in art and text, paradox reigns and reason crumbles. Phrasebooks, paintings, poems- and how does it all fit? It just does.”
Erica Wagner, The Times

“Strangely compelling little handbook which somehow makes perfect sense.”
The Observer (literary editor’s Pick of the Year)