Redstone Press was founded in 1986 with my partner Hiang Kee. We started publishing with the discovery of the novels-told-in-woodcuts by the Flemish artist Frans Masereel. These marvellous books were very successful and allowed us to be able to follow our obsessions which include Surrealism, psychology, games and the rich cultures of Russia, Mexico and India.

We work with many different people including the writer and critic Mel Gooding. Mel contributes the introduction to the annual Redstone Diary and we have jointly edited many books, including Psychobox, Surrealist Games and ABZ: alphabets and other signs.

The decision to keep Redstone Press small and independent enables me to work on very different projects, which I hope will interest you.

I am based in London and can always be easily reached by phone or email.

Julian Rothenstein